Only God’s story of Love can changed

Some stories challenge the mind
While other stories inspire the heart
But only God’s story of love can changed…
do not make a mistake on love
do not make a mistake on love

Your face is the only face that i’ll pick out among the crowd,,
Your smile is the only smile that can lighten up my day,,
Your voice..your voice can warm and soothe my heart,,
Your hands are the only hand that i want to hold,,
Your heart is the only heart that i come home to,,
Your love is the only love that i truly want and…
Without a doubt makes me happy..

Love is
about finding courage inside of you..
that you didn’t even know was there..

i am somewhere,but still think of you ..still wanting we have to make video call
hihihihihihihi… please come..
my only one..

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