Safe the Planet For A Bright Future

We all know that we need land to live. We need them to plant wheat, rice, fruits, etc for our food; as well as the space for our home, and so forth. Land developers build homes for us. Not only that, they also give us our shopping centers, apartments, amusement parks, and other structures that can fulfill our needs. But sometimes we go too much. We cut down trees and forests just for a luxury villa for a rich people and movie stars. We pollute rivers only to make rings and bracelets. We kill sharks for a disgusting dish made of their fins.

We don’t really need luxury villas. Many people that built the villas just want to live large, show off, and impress the public. We don’t really need expensive rings and bracelets. It’s just for show off. We can always eat something else, anything but the shark fin soup, dog meat, kangaroo meat, and so forth and so on. We can use cotton for our clothes, and not animal fur. That’s why Miss Universe Riyo Mori got criticized by animal activists for wearing animal fur on her clothes. She even got e-mailed because she didn’t respond to the strike they’ve put up.

We, humans, have lived for a long time on this planet. In ancient times, we didn’t pollute the lakes. We used cotton and fur from animals that were plentiful, such as sheep. We didn’t hunt too many sharks; we hunted them on a limited number. But now, we live in a total opposite of those behaviors, and then we start having many problems. Maybe it’s about time for us to go back to the Stone Age and try to live like ape-man. Just kidding.

We have been having problems with nature. Our pollution causes global warming and holes in the ozone layer. The ice at the poles is melting, and we’re on the brink of sinking. Global warming also whips up more storms and tornadoes. Pollution and our bad habit create another problem in our health and social life. And now, we’re suffering from it. No more beautiful skin and cozy environment in our daily life.

In our city, the troubles are becoming worse with every coming minute. You’ve seen the problems on TV. You know the problems. We all know how to solve them. But why it hasn’t been solved? Economic profit for the major companies is the main cause of the unsolved problems. George W. Bush hasn’t ratified many environment agreements, thus causing the USA to be one of the major pollutants of the world. Come on, people. We need nature. Nature needs us. Where else can we live – Mars? We haven’t developed Mars, man. We don’t have the technology, yet. So we need to keep nature alive for as long as we can. Besides, we can’t live alone. We’re not alone on this planet. Don’t build villas or high rise tower for yourself and endangering nature and millions of people – including yourself – at the same time. You know how it works. Let’s Stop Global Warming now. Let’s recycle, reuse, and use greener product as much as you can. Go Green.

Everybody can join the campaign to stop global warming. Let’s join now. Start your campaign from your home. If we canreduce the global warming, we can safe more money and have a better life. Can you do this? Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. You’ve heard it before. It's a beautiful Mantra. Manufacturing products produces an average of 4 to 8 times the weight of carbon dioxide for every weight unit of a manufactured product. If we reduce the usage of products, reuse the products that are still useable, and recycle trash to make our household materials, factories will produce less, and give off less carbon dioxide. It’s very simple.

I dunno what they talking about of Global Warming.
I just re Post that artikel for Stop the Global Warming Issue.

real artikel klik here

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