Somebody Loving You

This article I found in my Friend's Blog Njengat Page. Nice article for people who was falling in love.

Someone love you, can not give reasons why he loving you. He only love, in his eyes, thats you the only one.

Someone who love you, actually always made you angry / mad / irritated / stress. But he never know what he did, going all that he is to do something good for you.

Someone who love you, rarely praise, but in the heart, you are the best, only that he was going. Someone who love you, will rage or complain if you do not reply to messages or his phones, couse he was concerned about what going on and he does not want anything happen to you.

Someone who you love, only dropping water in the eyes in front of you. When you try to remove the water eyes, you have touched the heart, where the heart is always on / pulse / vibrate for you.

Someone who you will remember every word you say, even unintentionally, and that he will always use the word is timely.

Someone who love you, will not give any promises easily, he does not like going broken promise. He would like you to believe it and want to live a happy and safe plaing during the period.

Someone who love you, always telling you not to think too much, he is going to plan for everything. He wants to provide the best life in the future. He wants to give you a shock, believe he can do.

Someone who love you, may not be able to remember the events / special opportunity, such as your birthday celebration, but it was good that every second of it then, he love you, no matter whether the day today.

Someone who love you, I would not say Excellent, with everything that he was going to do to you is to show that he is ready to being, but he will only say the words I Love You in a special situation, it is not going wrong you want to understand , He would like you to know that his love yourself.

Someone who love you, will feel that something should be said only once because he was thinking that you understand himself. If you say too much, he will not feel that there is a will to make happy / smile.

Someone who love you, will go to the airport to pick you, he will not bring roses and I like that you expect. However, it will take ur bags and ask: Why you look so slim within 2 days? With a sincere heart.

Someone who love you, do not know whether he should calling when you angry, but he will send a message after a few hours. If you ask: why they call it that, he will say: When you angry explanation of himself all but rubbish. But, when you are calm, a new explanation will really work / effective / useful.

A person who finds, always call you with a small girl, but when he wanted to make a big decision, the first person he would like to hear suggestions from you.

A person who finds, will always save all the objects that you have provided, even a small paper titled 'I LOVE U' in her bags.

A person who finds, during a quarrel, he will not apologize to the controlled (continually), although you are guilty and later he will send a message to you: Unfortunately, it is actually a mistake and you have to know yourself.

A person who finds, he wants to buying people rose bears the same day a court and wait with stupid under your place, he did this because he really like you.

A person who finds, rarely say sweet words. I love you, 'his kiss' is funneling all.

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