Good Friends

When we sit in a kindergarten, we think who is a good friend.
Friends is who lend red crayon when there is only black crayon we have.

In primary school, and we find that a good friend is.
Friends who would accompany us go to the toilet, bringing our hands along the corridor to the classroom, share some meals with us when we forget to bring.

In the first secondary school, we have the idea that a good friend is a friend
who make some homework with us, go to parties together and accompany our lunch.

In high school, we feel if a friend is a good friend who invites us to drive his new car, convince our parents if we can go home a on nights, and like to hear the sad story when we dropped out of from our girlfriend.

In the next period, if we see a good friend of a friend who is always there, especially when we in difficult times, make us feel secure through the future as anytime, convince us we will pass on the exam council's degree.

And in this time, we find that a good friend is who that gives us two good choice, embrace us when we have frightening problems, and help us to survive from the people who only want to take benefit from us, remembering us when we sniff something, when we forget to remind, to help improve our self confidence, helping us to become a better, and more ... can receive us however and what ever we are...

Thanks for being friends..

A lot of little heart to my friend..

Friends are like balloons: once you let them go, you can’t get them back. So I’m gonna tie you to my heart so I never lose you.

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