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Javateak Indonesia are the manufacture and a trading company. With our Local and Global main market, we provide costumers with a quality and service in our based product. We strive to develop and nurture the company as community, we create and nurture a healthy, creative, respectful workshop environment. We really know the value of appreciation, since we appreciate to the costumers who wants to have very fine furniture with the latest in technology, excellent design combined with an old fashioned sense of fine woods and fine woodworking. So we really understand your needs and strive to fulfill the value.

we understand that we grow with our product sale and the satisfaction of our costumer, so we do care for the attributes we have, the quality of furniture workmanship and the excellence of design with an understanding of technology and ergonomics built in

We also understand that costumers are willing to settle for laminated quality and serviceable design, the corporate costumer wants trouble-free buying in volume at a great price. We know that we are not the cheapest company it because we do care for the quality, the raw material takes a high percentage of the final price and to keep our quality we are not able to work lower and it will influence the quality of final product. In our mainstream business, time is also important, reliable delivery is as important as reliable quality.


Interior design furniture, manufacturing of costum-made indoor furnitures and outdoor furnitures. General Trading


our workers are working in friendly environment, they are fairly compensated and encouraged to respect both the costumer and the product we produce. We are very welcome to the costumer who visit us and see our display, our sample-room will give you a good view of the items we produce. We can show you lots of interior or exterior room design with a classical or modern sense and also your own design are very welcome too !


Since we know that we have experience team, we built a management style that reflects the participation of the owners. The company respects its community of co-workers and takes pride in treating its workers well. We make prosperous our workers and employees as long as they bring happiness to our costumers. We depends on the professionalism of our workers for assistance, our workers know fine woodworking well, experienced and have a strong backround in this field where we require expertise.
For the production management, we never use non-plantation logs or any sources that are not environmentally sustainable, we only use goverment legally regulated plantation, works together with WWF and other environmental organizations to insure the origin of the wood from controlled plantations.

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