Still Going Up For GAZA

"We will not go down" - still going up two weeks on

Following unprecedented public support, Michael Heart's Song for Gaza - "We will not go down" continues to spread globally, two weeks after it was posted online. As of January 22, there are:

  • Over 700,000 views on YouTube
  • Over 250,000 downloads of mp3
  • Over 10,000 emails, comments and messages of support

It has been, and continues to be, played on radio stations and television channels in several countries, and it was chanted in demonstrations and rallies all over the globe, with several available online. It has been translated into a dozen languages and subtitled on numerous clips. More than 100 new clips have been made with "We will not go down" by people all over the world, and thousands of websites have uploaded the clip and posted the lyrics. Many people have written to confirm they had donated to UNRWA, as requested by the artist after download of the song for free.

Most importantly, "We will not go down" has reached people in Gaza, who took advantage of rare moments of electricity access to send Michael emails full of touching and inspiring messages, describing their feelings of hope and determination when hearing the song.

Michael Heart has received numerous media requests for interviews the world over the ones he has given will be posted on his website as they get published.


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