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Paying Post. This review is a new program that I follow, starts from searching on google I finally meet with the new review system Payingpost. I also review the program and this is a kind of new things for me. We can be a advertising and blogs too so In payingpost we get in to help advertisers promote their products or services.

To follow this program is easy, just register with payingpost in the register member, we can enter a maximum of 10 blogs to get a job review. But we need to be patient because we will be reviewing by admin to agree to participate in this program. Once approved by the blog we're in for an install script as jobs.

We may review a maximum of 3 jobs per day to review each blog. When our blog is ready and approved for review in our lives find jobs that match our blog. There will appear in a few jobs that exist and the distinction based on color jobs which we can review.

To conduct our review in only assigned to do simple tasks and include some links to the post. For those who have a high Pagerank will get a high reward as well. However, for the PR pro low then he will get about $ 8 - $ 10 for first review. In first jobs we just review about those program, simple and easy. In some jobs we will go to some article directory to find category that we can choose to review. In this case I review about technology so I just go to article directory that discusion about computer

For those who are to conduct a review of this program is interesting because it made it easier for advertisers and bloggers. For the program itself is quite interesting, where the products they will promote the many bloggers and of course they will get the backlink that can useful in Search engine optimized.

9 Comments for Paying Post:

negeri hijau write.. 16 Mei, 2009 Delete

saya juga di Approve, hanya 2 job, setelah it tak pernah ada lagi

AlvienRizki write.. 16 Mei, 2009 Delete

Ada Rahasianya kalo pengen dapet JOB di payingpost, saratnya anda harus nyari JOB jam 11.00 -12.00 di jam2 itu kemungkinan anda bisa mendapatkan JOB, saya menggunakan cara itu untuk mendapatkan JOB

Denny write.. 16 Mei, 2009 Delete

Saya juga sangsi ama ni program, semoga dapet jobs terus dari sono. *amien

btw trick dari mas alvien boleh tu, saya coba. tapi gimana caranya mengetahui jobs itu ada?

Unknown write.. 18 Mei, 2009 Delete

Mas aku juga ikutan
dan aku juga udah buat reviewnya
mas Deni apa sudah pernah dapet dollarnya?

Denny write.. 19 Mei, 2009 Delete

@itik,,, aku baru dapet dua ini,, lom ada waktu banyak ol untuk cari jobs..

buJaNG write.. 19 Mei, 2009 Delete

Hemmm... initinya dibayar tiap kita posting ya...? atau gimana...?

Denny write.. 20 Mei, 2009 Delete

@bujang,, dibayar tiap nyelesaiin jobs yang di approv ama adminnya, jobsnya review sesuatau ( web, artikel, barang ) gitu kk

aditya permana - nafaskudotcom write.. 21 Mei, 2009 Delete

gag ikutan dee..males.

Denny write.. 22 Mei, 2009 Delete

@aditya,, ampoonn kk..

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