Real Audio Metafile

Real Audio Metafile. That is .RAM extension files that make by Realnetwork. This file is work for online real streaming on internet or intranet by realaudio or realmedia. This file is metafile used specialy for music that can play on realplayer in online media. File Extension RAM is associated to find url signal that compatible with .ra and .rm file extension. Some radio site doesnt need this extension coused using some extra plugin that used for play music.

file extension ram
All browsing program support to play this file extension, so dont worried if you find file that using extension .RAM. If your browser can't open this file extension maybe some option not configured. Some browser like mozilla, safari and internet explorer play perfectly for this File Extension RAM. This metafile use for direct audio file from server to user that want to listen radio in other place. You can create this file by text editor program that contain single line like the full url of .rm url.

You can use ASCII mode to upload File extension RAM and binary mode to upload the .rm file. Be certain the server has audio/x-realaudio as the MIME type for the .rm file extension. In here you must configure web server to recognize .ra, .rm. and .ram file extentions. Little mistake can make file can't download perfectly. You can put your file extension ram to html code that only single click to play it <a href="myplaylist.ram" type="audio/x-pn-realaudio">Play My Playlist</a>

For more info about this File extension RAM, you can found on

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