Windows Vista and Windows Live Contact

Windows Vista and Windows Live Contact. We will discuss about the File Extension Contact, that file is containing data from of contact information. This file can only run on windows vista and windows live that developing by microsofts. For some problem this file is needed, for example in windows live contact data that need someone to do the online chat. This file is also a role in the setting of the registry file that is the subject of windows vista as an operating system that show the design easy to understand.

File Extension Contact is absolute and can't be read using software, because until now there has not been making the software to modify this file. This file is also very little risk, so the changes that occur in the registry can damage this contact file. For improvement in the registry we can use some of the software allows you to scan the registry, so that software can fix the mistakes in the registry that broken by virus. On the internet there are lots of software which improve to scan system registry on the computer.

One way to open the file with extension contact is use windows mail, so there will be displaying the entire contents of the file containing the list of contacts. Not all computers can open this file, because all these files can only be in the open on the operating system windows vista and windows live program. This is the type of file in a specific order to be able to run on windows vista operating system, so users can't open this file if they haven't windows vista. Because this type of file that contains important data, contact data users have the software specifically to show and hide a file. contacts_hideext.reg and contacts_showext.reg software is in use for this file, so safe from interference.

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negeri hijau write.. 27 Mei, 2009 Delete

makin mantap aja ya postingan di blog ini...


anno write.. 29 Mei, 2009 Delete

wah..paid reviewnya lancar ya

Abi write.. 30 Mei, 2009 Delete

Keren, biar pun paid review namun ada segi edukatifnya, sukron mas!

Denny write.. 30 Mei, 2009 Delete

@negerihijau ah bisa aja bro,,, semangat aja belajar dan mengajar..

@anno.. sayang ga punya PP bro gua.. heheheh

@abi,, aduh jadi gimana gitu,,

Seno Rasca write.. 30 Mei, 2009 Delete

aku ga pake vista, kasihan PCnya.... ntar tmbh sekarat

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