Portable Media

This day people need information more and more, but limited space and prevent the development of the Technology. The high mobility caused computer media as one of the internet service provider forgotten. Presence technology, which continues to update the various options for use in accessing the internet. Various brand pop-race and race to become the best.

One of the products that are in to replace the computer is a laptop. In addition to a laptop portable media presence also provides a new color in the world of technology. We took him free to go everywhere and anywhere to use it, because the laptop is in complete with a battery that can recharge. The size of a laptop is diverse, from the 12 to 21 inches in accordance with the needs served each. We can access the Internet from laptop media, of course by adding a modem.

But human nature that always want to simplify their lives and eventually founded netbook. View the general netbook is almost the same as the laptop, but the special thing is it size more smaller and lighter so that makes it easier for mobility. However, there are some facilities that are less than netbook with laptop in the appeal, as the netbook is used for specific events. Blogging, Browsing, Surfing and writing articles is a facility provided by the netbook.

Along with the netbook, also born Ipod Touch that is based on the application so that the mobile phone is believed to create more secure user mobility. Sophistication are also on the Ipod Touch sertai with touch screen facility that allows the use of this device. Operating system used in the Ipod is almost the same as that in use on the PC, this is like a computer that is in your grasp. Im a blogger so I use netbook for additional needed for blogging.

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