Freebie Sites believe or not?

Freebie Sites believe or not? Some friend ask me about that, because I reffer him to join some freebies site He ask how come this site give us expensive gadget for free like Ipod, X-box or some cell phone. Than I go to ask google, maybe I found something there about how freebie site work. First that freebies that i know is xpango, so I search with that keyword maybe i can find something used. But there only many advertise sites about xpango that give us refferal ID.

From Topsurveysites I found some usefull review about xpango or other freebie site and how they work. Theres is many reason to people not believe about this but some vedeo can make you trust this sites. This CNN news report for explain how the process work

Theres said that Xpango is one of the many of these ‘freebie sites’ available, and definitely one of the best and most reliable, so dont worried to join there. For how to join there, I was post last time in Indonesian lang here.

Here I explain where do for sign up, what we get, how they make money and how they do it?

Its easy for sign up, just go to this link and choose what kind of gadget you like. Theres many kind of new gadget, after that complete the form and dont forget to enter 91691415 be your refferal ID.

For join xpango we can get gift that we choose before, its all free until your home. Its come possible freebie sites, cause they have income for something that you do before you get your gift for free.

How come they can give you free stuff? Freebies Industry is actually a huge business sites like Getrewardz are huge companies and have sent over 1 million dollars of Freebies away, but the reality they make money too.

How Do They Do It? ( this the way how they make money )
  1. Lets say you choose a PS3 from one of the Freebie Sites, lets just say GetRewardz
  2. You signup and to be eligable for your PS3 you only have to complete 1 offer and refer 7 of your mates. Easy enough
  3. Lets say the offer you choose is signup to a free account on
  4. So you do, and when you do pays GetRewardz $50 as they have just got a new customer which could potentially make them money
  5. So you have completed you free offer as all that is left is refer 7 people and you’ve got your free PS3
  6. So you ask 7 of your mates to signup to GetRewardz under your name. Each of them complete an offer and again GetRewardz make $50 from each of them
  7. So in total GetRewardz made $50 x 8 (You & 7 Mates) = $400
  8. They Purchase PS3’s direct from the manufacturer for about $275, $125 profit
  9. You get your choose PS3 and they get money. ( its win - win sollution )

So essentially you not getting the gift for free - your giving up your own valuable time, and if you do paid offers it will cost you a few bucks

And thats essentially how these sites work. You get free stuff, they make profts - everyones happy

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